TopXNotes by Tropical Software

TopXNotes by Tropical Software

Have you used post-it notes@ to leave yourself a message or remember something important. To this day I still do and they can often be found posted all over my desk. I was excited when Stickies came out in OS X because then I could leave notes on my Mac. However I soon found that like really notes, Stickies quickly cluttered up my desktop. TopXNotes is a note taking software that allows you to manage and organize your notes.

TopXNotes is a completely independent software from stickies where you can create, store, save and view notes generated in TopXNotes. TopXNotes displays up to four notes at one time, but allos you to manage and select which notes you wish to display from a fifth window.

Besides having a blank note that you can begin and add information to, TopXNotes has thirteen templates that you can also you to make notes. Within the templates or a blank note you can
Insert hyperlinks
Edit notes with rich text, change fonts, color, sizes and highlights.
Unfortunately you can’t place images in your notes, but then who needs images in a note.

You can also export your notes as a plain or rich text txt file. You can quickly and easily delete notes with one click should you choose to delete a note. You can perform a search for specific words and TopXNotes will look in your notes for that word. Another nice feature is you can password protect a note so that it makes it more difficult for someone to open a note and read it. You can also organize your notes by categories.

If you are on the go and have an iPhone or iPad, you can also get a TopXNotes app. It has many of the same features as the program on your computer. It also has the added benefit of allowing you to sync your notes between computer and device so that you are always up-to-date on your notes.

  • Quick notes
  • Good alternative to the Mac Stickies
  • Great at keeping the clutter down

  • While it is extremely rare I drop a image in a note, it would be nice to have that ability.
  • $39.99 for a note taking software in my opinion seems a little expensive.

TopXNotes can be downloaded at Tropical Software’s website or from the Apple App Store. The cost is $39.99