FX Photo Studio Pro

FX Photo Studio Pro http://www.fxphotostudioapp.com/
by Macphun LLC

Have you ever needed to add a specialized filter to your image quickly and easily. You can now with the help of FX Photo Studio Pro. The program comes loaded with over 150 filters or effects that you can use on your photos. The program also comes with some photo editing tools such as adjusting exposure, balance, cropping and many more features.

Typically I tend to shy away from any photo programs mostly because I use Adobe Photoshop for 99% of my photo editing, but this program really jumped out at me for the multiple filters that it has.

There are times when I just need to make a simple adjustment to a photo and add a specialty filter or effect to it. FX Photo Studio Pro gives you the ability to do this quickly and easily.
First you drag your photo or image into the program. If you can’t drag your image in, you can load your image by clicking the load image button.
Once your image is loaded into the program then the fun begins. You are given a view of the original image along with a preview of what the filters or effects would look like if you added them to your original image. If you add an effect and don’t like how it looks you can undo it. You can also add multiple effects / filters to an image unique looks.

To apply an effect you just select the effect you like from the options at the bottom of the screen. Then you click the “Apply” button to the right of the original image.

After you have completed an image you can save it to your desktop. When you do you have the option of changing the name of the original file so you don’t rewrite the file. You can also share your photo with Facebook, tumblr, flickr, twitter or by email.

  • Lots of filters / effects for a cheap price compared to what filter packages cost for Adobe Photoshop
  • Easy to use

  • Effects are limited to the entire image. You can’t select portions of the photo to place effects, but then again it is a simple effects / filter program.

This is a great photo / images effects / filter program that is very easy to use. I don’t know of anywhere else you can get as many filters / effects in this program for this price. I highly recommend it.

FX Studio is also available in a limited version for the Apple Computer. FX Studio is also available for the iPad

Requires OS 10.6.
$39.99 at the Apple App Store