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There are several ways you can join us.

Join the Mailing List - FREE - The easiest and simplest is to join our mailing list. On the mailing list we send out notices of the meeting, newsletter, and special deals we find on the internet.

Attend The Meetings - FREE - The Central Wisconsin Apple User Group meets every third Sunday of the Month at the Marshfield Municipal Airport. The meetings are free and open to the public. If you do decide you like the meetings and would like to continue attending then we do ask you join as a paid member.

Paid Membership If you would like to become a member, the annual membership fee is $25. (Note if you pay online there is an additional $1 processing fee). This payment is good for a single person, or a family. With the paid membership you receive:
  • A Membership Card
  • Entry into the monthly raffle if you are in attendance at the monthly meeting. The monthly raffle is typically an iTunes gift card or software.
  • Additional Software, Product, and Magazine discounts provided for paid user group members
  • You are allowed to "check out" for one month, books out of the CWAUG Library.

Due to COVID and the nature of the online meetings, we are not offering a membership raffle at this time.