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Phantom - Female long hair Multi Colored - owned by George and Montana. Phantom is a sweetheart of a little girl. She is a little ninja often hiding then popping out to surprise us when we least expect it. She loves to cuddle.
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Brandie - Female long hair red - ownd by George and Montana. She is a long haired red that wiggles when she is excited. She is always happy to see new people. Like all our Doxies, she loves to cuddle.
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Apollo - Male long hair black and cream - owned by Jeff and Liz

Apollo is our little Fabio. He loves the camera and hams it up when Jeff or Liz pull it out. He is often our most photogenic puppy and can be seen in a lot of images we take. He loves to crawl in your lap on the couch when you least expect it and look you straight in the eyes. That is his way of telling us it is cuddle time and we need to drop everything else we are doing because he isn't taking no for an answer.
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Dinah Darling is the daughter of Castle and Callisto. She is our little wiggle girl. She wiggles her whole body when she sees her family. She also isn’t afraid to stick her tongue out at the camera every now and then. Dinah is Black and Tan. Dinah Darling is owned by Jeff and Liz
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Luna is the daughter of Phantom and Castle. She is dapple. She has a few spots of white in her black coat. She is very much a lap puppy. Her favorite spot is to be in Jeff’s lap when he is sitting down. Luna is owned by Jeff and Liz
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Munchkin is the son of Callisto and Castle. He was the only puppy in his litter. He was given to George and Montana so they have a male for Phantom and Brandy. Munchkin likes to follow George and Montana around and can often be found in the kitchen.