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About Our Australian Shepherd Parents

Australian Shepherd Puppies For Sale

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Our dogs are not just dogs to us, but family. They live in our homes and have fenced in play areas for outside time. We make sure our dogs get proper exercise, nutrition, veterinary care, socialization, and have a safe, clean living environment.

The dogs you see on our website are owned by two different families. Montana and her husband George own the Australian Shepherds and some of the Dachshunds. Liz with her husband Jeff own some of the Dachshunds shown on this site.

We refrain from releasing any puppy until it is at least eight (8) weeks old, regardless of possible lesser requirements in any state or province. In addition, we will not release any puppy weighing less than two (2) pounds until it is at least ten (10) weeks old.

I will provide all new dog owners with appropriate health certificates, vaccination records, and registration paperwork as indicated.

Before contacting us, please read our
policy on the sale of our puppies.