What To Do With Old Apple Computers, iPads, iPhones, etc

If you have an old working computer, iPad, iPhone etc. we often get asked what should I do with it. Well, here are some suggestions:

1. Word processor programs like older Pages, Numbers, Word and Excel still work on the computer. So you have an option of using the computer with those programs.

2. Turn it into a picture display. Load photos on it and have it run a continuous slide show.

3. Turn it into a media server. If it has a good sized hard drive on it, store some of your favorite media on it for playing on other computers or devices.

4. Hand it down - Pass it down to someone else.

5. If it is a working device and you don't want it anymore, then contact CWAUG. We have members looking for older equipment.

6. If it is broken, Some of the parts may be viable on it yet. If not, find a recycling facility and recycle it. Certain groups in Marshfield hold special yearly events where they offer inexpensive drop off points for old non-working electronics.

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Matt, one of our CWAUG members happened to be at a garage sale when he came upon this find. It is an old Apple Computer, perhaps a IIe.
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It had been sitting in a location gathering dust. He purchased the entire contents of the box, took it home and began cleaning it up.
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It just happened that Matt also had some old floppy disk Apple programs and operating systems so he booted it up, it ran, he installed the programs, and away he went. Now he has a great piece of Apple history in his house.
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