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Retired Dachshund Parents

Retired Dachshund parents are retired only from our breeding program. They are still a part of our daily lives as they live with us as our pets. Sorry our retired adults are not for sale. They have been a part of our families since puppies and they are very much a part of our family. This page is intended so you can see what the grandparents may look like to some of our new parents.
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Calisto - Female long hair red

Calisto is a little princess and she knows it. She often gives us the cute face of "I'm innocent". She is lovable and often is found snuggling up to Jeff or Liz
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Castle - Male long hair cream - owned by Jeff and Liz. Castle is our little romeo. He loves to hang out with the girls. He is an affectionate little male who loves to give kisses and snuggle. He has developed what we call the viper strike of kisses. You don't know when the kiss will get you. One second he is on the floor, the next he is at eye level giving you a kiss.
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