MicroWI Convention 2015

Micronizing the World... One collector at at time

MicroWI is only the greatest Micronauts / Microman convention in the entire United States. Where else can you celebrate toys with Wisconsin small brewery beer and Wisconsin Cheese.
MicroWI is the brainchild of Jeff aka Facehammer in the Micronauts / Microman community. Jeff met many collectors throughout the years on the Yahoo Micro Embassy Suite mailing list and subsequent Micro lists before that. Jeff organized the first Micro gathering of five individuals in 2003. Since then Jeff and his wife Ivy have continued to host this wonderful convention for the Micro connoisseur.

In 2015 Jeff has asked to take a break, but we will make sure his dream lives on. Join us in Marshfield, WI August 15th (Jeff’s Birthday) for Micro WI 2015!
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Group image from 2011 Micro WI