MicroWI Convention 2015

Micronizing the World... One collector at at time

MicroWI Exclusives
What are MicroWI exclusives.... They are custom made toys, stickers, or other things that are made exclusively for MicroWI. These exclusives are made by other attendees who donate their time and money to produce these items. Exclusives in the past have been, A Red Hydra, Biotron Refrigerator Magnets, Micro sized backpacks, Stickers, various customized heads and many others.

If any exclusives are revealed for 2014, we will post them here.

Exclusives are not a guarantee, in other words they are entirely a first come first served basis.

Exclusives may or may not be reviled before the convention.
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Some Examples from previous years.

Various custom cast parts that Facehammer has given away at MicroWI conventions.
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The Emergency Micro Kit from MicroDoc in 2009
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Various heads in the emergency kit