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About the MicroER

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Back in 1995 the presence of Micronauts hit the internet with the first few websites and emailing list servers dedicated to the Micronauts.

I really didn't get on the internet until 1996. I had a Macintosh Quadra 610 with a modem attached to a phone line. I had to wait until everyone in my household went to sleep before I could log in and search the internet.

Internet etiquette was in its infancy, so flame wars were easily ignited. I happened onto my first Micro Listserver shortly after it's creation. I had come to find out that it was the second mailing list for Micronaut discussions as the first one had been disbanded. Shortly after joining the list, a third one was created. So at one time there were to Micronaut emailing lists. As time went by friendships were formed on the two emailing lists. I began collecting and offering advice to repair Micronaut toys. Customizing was still a new thing for many of us. Eventually old rivalries flared up in the name of Hanson and MMMMbop and a new flame war ensued that crossed over between the two lists. Both lists ended shortly after that.

Along came Micropolis Embassy Suites which was a resurrection of one of the lists under new management and on the what was then new Yahoo Groups emailing lists. Micropolis Embassy Suites Yahoo Group still is around today.

My suggestions for repairs started out on a one page format on what was then my website called the Midnight Toy Portal. I had customs featured on the site as well as toy information as to what was going to be released.

Soon my repairs took over my entire site and the Midnight Toy Portal became the MicroER.
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The MicroER as it looked in 2011

When it came time for the website to be renewed, I let it expire. At the time I greatly lost interest and motivation for doing any additional customs. I would start a custom for MicroWI and complete that if I was lucky, but I wasn't doing anything else custom related. My interest had been diverted elsewhere as other hobbies, memberships, work and home took precedence over my custom hobbies.

In the beginning of 2014 there was some interest by some family members of mine to start a website focused on their new endeavors. So I began working on that. While cleaning in my office at home, I came across a CD disk labeled websites. It contained all my old files from many different website projects I have worked on over the years. After looking at the old MicroER files I realized that I let down the hosted artist that I had on the website. So With that in mind and my newest Mac and RapidWeaver program, I began laying the groundwork for the return of MicroER.

I am getting back into customizing, for myself and for others. I plan on designing new parts and components for Micronauts and Microman that are compatible with our beloved toys. I will be dabbling in casting and molding again. We will see where this takes us.

The hosted artist section I am happy to say is back up. If anyone would like there artwork hosted here, I am happy to do so.

Best wishes and Happy Collecting and Customizing

Jeffrey the MicroDoc