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Rivet Repair by Gold Dober

Gold Dober can often be found frequenting the Miconauts Facebook page. If you have a rivet question, he is most certainly the guy to ask.

Here is the method I have found that seems to work quite well in repairing these figures. The Biggest setback is that time and patience are extremely important. A drill and a vise are needed.

1-drill out the top part of the rivet enough to release the two halfes of body.

2-on the front half of body grind the "tit" flush to base.

3-prick punch base in the center to allow drill bit to grab

4-using a .070" to a .080" drillbit (these can be found in a standard letter drill bit kit with letters corresponding to size on chart supplied) carefully drill into base where you prick punched. DO NOT DRILL THRU

5-enlarge hole on back half of body

6-the screw from a busted TT leg works well

7-use this screw to test fit assembly *-if all is well...fill hole with lock tight and assemble...the alignment pins also aid in keeping halves together Silicone may be used instead of lock tight(liquid thread tightener)

If by chance you accidentally screw this up you may drill thru body with the tap drill size for a 1/8 bolt. Tap the hole for bolt. The head of bolt may have to be ground to enable it to fit into recess of the back half of the body. Test fit and mark excess of bolt protruding from the body...this can be ground away...fill the front half of the hole not filled with bolt with somekind of filler...blend and repaint. Note a vise and drill are needed and some kind of protection is needed to and some care is especially important in tightening the vise as these casting are cheap "pot" metal and very brittle. Small "Swiss Files" are helpful in blending the filler with body...I hope this helps anyone. If still un clear I can go more in depth if you send me an email. Thanks...and patience...it took me a few hours to do this. Also if this seems like to much work...there are alignment pins on body which aid in keeping the halves together after drilling out rivet, I imagine one could just silicone the 2 halves back together as a cheap fix. Austin

Tip 2 from Austin

You know those rivets in the space glider thighs? Well they are longer than the ones in the elbows of other figures, like TT Centaurus etc. I have tons of glider/warrior parts so I drilled the rivet to release it from the thigh....I inserted it into my centaurus elbow...and carefully crushed in together in a vise...then using a 1/16 drill bit I carefully drilled the crushed end to hollow the rivet about 1/32" deep...then carefully recrushed it in the vise again...My Centaurus is now stock again...nice tight joints and noone but me can tell. Use this if you want. Since these rivets are dam near impossible to find and EVERYONE has spare glider/warrior parts.