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How to make pegs for the Ultarama™ Action Figure Display
Note 2014 - Unfortunatly Ultraramas are no longer for sale

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One of the great features of Ultarama™ is that you can add your own backgrounds. Here are the measurements for the back of the Ultarama™, and then below is instructions how to make pegs for your Microman / Micronaut figures.

First you will need the following materials

(2) Pliers

(1) Drill Bit size 11/64

(1) Drill Bit Chuck (for hand drilling)

(1) Box of 100 Electrical Female Disconnects 22-18 AWG .250 tab

Also Recommended (Electric Screwdriver that you can plug the Drill Bit Chuck into)
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First you will need to separate the Electrical Disconnect. Take one pliers and place it on each end. Slowly twist until the metal tip separates from the plastic.
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Here are the two parts separated
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Now taking the 11/64 drill bit and the drill bit chuck, you will need to drill out the peg holes in the Ultarama™ playset. You will be inserting the plastic tip of the female disconnects in these holes.
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I like to insert the wider end into the figure's foot now. The wide end of the Female Disconnect is 5mm
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Now Microman can hang out with his other friends.
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The Micro E R It is six Ultarama stories tall. To the right are my two Bob Bases and the Build Base