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You have several options to fix up your balding Microman

Option 1 (Least Expensive, and easy)

This option I use quite a bit for my figures. It involves going to your local hardware store or department store and getting some silver paint. You may use gloss model paint that leaves a really good appearance for the figure. You can also use acrylic paints which is what I use. The paints can run you from a few cents to a few dollars, and the results are instantaneous as soon as you have it coated.

Option 2 Bare-Metal® Foil - See tutorial on using Bare-Metal® Foil

Bare-Metal@ Foil from Micro-Mark® I've never used it myself, but I have seen it's effect on toys, and it is amazing. The bare metal foil is similar to something like aluminum foil except it is sticky on one side. You cut out a piece of foil and press it onto the part you want chromed. This does take time and lots of patience.

Option 3 (Expensive but perfect results. )

If you can find a Chrome Plating business that will chrome your parts, it will revive your chrome finish on your figures. The only downfall with this is that chrome doesn't stick well to plastic, so there is always the possibility that it will flake off again. To find a Chrome Plating Business, I would recommend checking the Internet or asking your local Chamber of Commerce if they know of a local business. Several Members of the Micronaut Community have used a company called CHROME-TECH.