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Links to the Microverse

These are just some of the many great websites or places on the net for Micronaut / Microman information. Unfortunately some do not update anymore, but the owners graciously keep them going for the enjoyment of the Micro Collecting community.

Micro-Outpost - This was one of the very first Micro related websites that ended up drawing some of us Micro collectors together in the 1990s. It is a good resource page.

Microman Forever - Everything you need to know about Micronauts and Microman toys. Paul the author of the site does an amazing job. It takes a lot of time to keep this amazing archive going.

Micronautshomeworld.blogspot.com - Home to Gold Dober, an amazing and talented customizer who is continuing on the Micro tradition one custom project at a time. Gold Dober makes Micro compatible actions figures in limited releases. Check back often as you get a may get a chance at owning one of his amazing figures.

Micronauts / Microman Facebook page. Where many of us can be found now.

Micropolis Embassy Suite Yahoo Group - This is the longest running Micro related mailing list. Many of us hard core collectors that have been on the net since the 1990s have been in this list and the others before it. It has kept us organized and on track for years in thanks to the list owner Ray!

Rockettubes.livejournal.com - Bryan is a very talented artist and historian in the Micro community.

Flickr Micronauts Custom Group - This is a Flickr page with many cool customs from many talented artists.

Onelldesigns.com - Is a up and coming toy company that has roots in Micronauts / Microman fandom. Many of the toys designed from Onell come with interchangeability.

5mmToyHacker - Great site for Custom Microfigures and related toys

Innerspace Online - Dave is no longer updated his site, but it is still cool