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Micro Specialist: Paul M. with Rust Removal on Action Figures

"When you need to remove rust or corrosion from the rivets on figures, the best tool to use is a pencil eraser. It doesn't damage plastic parts at all, and the rivets clean up nicely. Be careful of painted metal figures. You can rub the paint off if you press to hard." - Paul M.

Rust Removal on Magno Figures

There are several products out for pots and pans that do a great job at removing the rust off the magno figure's ball joints. Most pots and pans need to be shined regularly to keep their copper or shiny finish. If you can find pot and pan cleaner at your local grocery store or convenience store. Two product I use are Choir Boy, and Twinkle.

Rust Removal on Plastic Vehicles

In most cases I have had rust stains left on a vehicle from a rusting part. I've used an old tooth brush and tooth paste (or baking soda) to remove it. It may take some time and work, but it eventually comes out. In the worst case scenario, you can always take some sand paper and file the plastic down, but I only recommend this as a last resort.

Rust Removal on Metal Vehicles

Get ready to use some elbow grease because this will be a chore. In most cases the areas are hard to reach where the rust has occurred. Find yourself a tiny wire brush, q-tip, tooth brush or any device that you can get to fit in the area. I've used various cleaning materials in these areas. In most cases I used some sort of lubricating oil (WD-40 or LPS). I've had to really work it to get the areas cleaned out. In some cases it has taken me days to finish a project such as this.

Additional Rust Removal Tips

When at first you don't succeed, try try again. There have been cases where I haven't been able to remove rust. Don't let it frustrate you if it takes some time, then give it some time. Restoration is a lengthy process and it may take a few days to get the toy to the point where you want it.

If you can find slightly abrasive cleaning material, that does help remove rust. Soft Scrub, a floor cleaner is really a good material to use.