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Swivel Arm Grip

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Hello Everyone, Micro Doc here! Have you ever wanted a wider range of movement with your arms. Has a member of Lady Command told you that you just can't hold here the way she wants you to. Well, now you can.

Today I will show you how to make your Micronaut have a swivel arm grip

Tools and Materials you will need: X-acto knife, small saw, pen sized drill, super glue, paper clip, wire cutters and possibly some bandages and medicinal ointment for the cuts and scratches you may get from this.

Note: This may weaken your Micronauts Arms
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First Apply ample amount of knock out juice to your micronaut so he or she doesn't feel a thing.

Second - Half way between the elbow and the shoulder saw your figure's arm in half.

It is really easy to damage the Micronaut's elbow joint or shoulder joint, so take your time and saw slowly.
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Here you can see we have separated the arm
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Take your pen drill and drill a small hole in the center of each part. You will be placing a paper clip down this hole so make sure the drill bit you use is no bigger then the paper clip

If you can't find a pen drill at your local hardware or hobby store. try http://www.micromark.com
I have a hole in both parts. Now cut a small piece of paper clip and insert it into one part of the arm. Now leave the paper clip in the arm and insert the two pieces of arm back together. This way you can see if you need to cut some paper clip off because it is too long. If the arm pieces fit together okay, then remove them. Pull your paper clip out of what part it is in.

Take your super glue and add a small dab of glue to ONE part of the arm. Insert you paper clip in that part and allow it to dry before inserting the arm parts back together.

After an hour or so when the glue is dry, insert your arm pieces back together.
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Now your Micronaut can give some loving that the Lady Commands never expected. Time for me to do a happy dance.