The custom made Build Base or Bob Base as it was called, was created by Bob in the early 2000s. The elusive Microman Build Base is not the easiest playset to find. Bob succeeded in creating and helping many of us fill that hole in our collection.

At the time Bob had a CNC sign making machine that he used to construct the base. He took the measurements from an existing Build Base for the construction.

The base was constructed of plastic. Bob purchased sheets of plastic, had them cut to size and etched with details. The base consisted of two floors of white, one roof of white, two side walls of blue, one large wall of white and one clear wall that opened.

Bob said less then 10 of these were constructed.

Pictured are various pictures of the base in its development stage. The images with the wood background are my current images of the Bob Bases. Last image is my two bases stacked to have a tall base. I have custom chairs, figures and accessories in my bases.

Micro Customizer Will Jones collaborated on the project by designing the custom labels there were placed inside the base. Will helped with the details of the base as well as the decals. Will even included some words in the Micronaut language if you have the font and can decode the letters.

Back in the day when Bob made this I was single, with lots of time on my hands. I ended up casting GI Joe chairs and computer pieces for anyone that wanted them for their Bob Base or other Micro accessory.

I am proud to say I have two of these in my possession, and they look very awesome stacked up on each other. - Jeffrey the MicroDoc