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Cast Iron

Yes, this will take some patience and some muscles to accomplish. The metal will need to be returned to it's position as best as possible. This means that the figure will need to be hammered, or pulled with pliers back into position. This will be the most stressful and tiring part of the job.

Option #1

You will need to find some crack filler. Material that can be used to fill the crack include:
Wood Glue, Elmer's Glue, Super Glue/Gel, Plumber's Putty, or Apoxie™ Sculpt (or similar putty)

You can fill in the crack, smooth the putty or glue, sculpt it if need be and allow to dry. Some filing may be needed

Option #2

Micro-Mark (http://www.micromark.com) offers a liquid metal that spreads like paste and hardens to metal. The name of the product is called Lab-Metal.

Any epoxy type glue that can be sanded, filed and painted afterwards could also be considered.