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Painting a Time Traveler in a Clear Color

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Doctor Micro here folks to attempt this, You will need the following:
A guinea pig... OOPS, Volunteer, preferably A clear time traveler or any figure

Glass Paint

Screw Driver

Paper Toweling

A dry place to allow your figure to dry

wire clothes hanger

several paper clips
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Now this paint container generally has a tip on it that can be removed. Keep the tip, because we will need it later.
Take several paper clips and string them throughout the wire hanger. You will hang your drying micro body parts from this

With the legs and the arms, dip one leg or arm at a time. Place them on the clothes hanger to dry. Try to make sure that the wet paint isn't touching the clothes hanger or it may stick to it When that limb is dry, dip the other one and allow to dry

Here you see our volunteer's arm being dipped in.

Make sure you don't get paint on the rubber band or metal joint of the legs
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You will need to take the tip and place it back on the container. Using the tip, you will cover the torso and pelvis area of the volunteer.
By the way, make sure you don't paint his zipper, or he is going to have a hard time taking off his pants to go to the bathroom!
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When the parts are all done drying. Simply take them and Place them back together and ta-da... your Time Traveler is the hottest, sexiest, swinging ladies man around. Now just you may want to remind the lady command to watch out for the hussy POTF2 Slave Leia figure, because she might come and steal him away from them.
Now that your Time Traveler is recovered, make sure that you have his keys to His battle cruiser so that he doesn't drive home drunk. He needs at least 24 hours to get over his hangover before he can go and pick up some dates.
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Here you see our guinea pig... Oops Volunteer waiting patiently next to a container of Emerald Green Gallery Glass Paint By Plaid

Give your volunteer some anesthesia... Preferably a shot of vodka... Hey, he's a microman/micronaut, one shot should be enough.... Hey, I SAID GIVE IT TO HIM NOT YOURSELF!!

Now then, When he's out, take him apart, but remember where all the piece are or he will be really mad when he wakes up.