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Micro Specialist Jeremy S. With Clear O-ring Replacements

Just thought I'd share an idea I've been using to replace the rubber bands/tubing in Microman figures. It is a CLEARly interesting alternative.

Like most collectors, I normally use rubber O rings, but I found that these wear out, especially in a dry climate like Southern California where I live!

I found that cutting rings from clear PVC tubing works very well. This is basically the clear tubing used in aquarium airlines. When cut into a ring, it stretches and is very strong, more so than a rubber O ring.

For the main rubber band in a Microman/Micronaut you will need to buy a thicker grade tubing. I find 3/8th to 1/2 inch diameter works well for standard figures, Command 1, Command 2 (Pharoid), Command 3 (Galactic Defender), Spy Magician, Lady Command. For Police Keeper, Micro Knight and Rescue figures, you may want to use a larger diameter tube (possible 1/2 inch) since the screw boss in the chest is higher up, and requires a slightly bigger ring.

For the tube that attaches to the arm posts, I use the stadard aquarium airline tubing, that is about 3/16th inch.

To make your ring, just take a length of the tube and using a sharp hobby knife or scissor, cut a 1/16 to 1/8 inch thick ring off the end of the tube, and Viola! You have a clear O ring to use in your micronaut. Make sure you make a clean cut with no nicks or tears, as these will be weak points causing the ring to break. Then, cut a 3/8th inch length of the airline tubing, to connect the 2 arm posts.

As an added bonus, when used in a clear figure, the tubing becomes invisible! So you can have a really clear microman, without the visible black rubber parts in his chest, a nice bonus if you are doing a custom figure.

Micro Specialist Dave with O-ring Rubber Band Fix

Now, back when GI Joe was the rage, and I was a bit rougher than I should have been with my figures, I found myself with a lot of soldiers looking like they just got back from Planet P. Luckily, my sister was wearing braces at the time, and was required to wear these little bands in her mouth to promote dental movement. Oddly enough...these were the same size as the Joe o-rings. So instead of going to the trouble of cutting PVC, you can go to any orthodontist for a lazy way of reassembling your wounded troops. Nifty, no?


My Rubber band Broke, How Can I Replace It If I am plastic, Or Cast Iron

Well, the rubber bands are easy to find replacements for. Go down to your local hardware store and go into the plumbing section and look for rubber "O" ring washers. These are the perfect size and type for replacement of the rubber band.

To replace it in a plastic toy, simply remove the screw in the back, take the torso apart and replace the washer. Then put everything back together again.

For a cast iron toy, this will be a little more challenging, but it can be done with some patience.

You will need a needle nose pliers, super glue, possibly another rivet or screw.
1. Using the needle nose pliers, gently pry apart the figure at the waist. This is the longest and most difficult part, you don't want to hurry it or you may damage the figure. This will take some time and some muscles.

2. When you have enough of a gap that the head can be removed, insert you needle nose in the neck and pry there a little.

3. Continue to alternate between the neck and the waist until the torso splits apart.

4. Replace your rubber band now reattach the hips, arms legs and head and connect the torso pieces back together.

5. Now, you can use the rivet over again. First, place some super glue down the hole that the rivet will go into.

6. Insert your rivet. You may need a screw driver and hammer to pound it back in.

7. Allow to dry and your figure should be as good as new.

(A screw may be used as a replacement for the rivet. To use a screw, you will need the screw, screw driver and super glue gel.

1. Take the torso piece that has the peg where the rivet fit in

2. Fill the peg where the rivet was with super glue gel and allow to dry over night.

3. The next day, put your figure together