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Making A Flight Pack From The Beast Wars Hornet Toy
Custom Tutorial:
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Hi guys and gals. Welcome to another installment of how to take care of you pet house fly. Rover here has been a little to frisky with the female house flies in the neighborhood. It's time to take drastic action and remove his wings for a flight pack of my own... Then maybe I can get around to the Micro Ladies a lot faster myself.

You will need the following:

A rover of your own
small cutting saw
exacto knife
super glue
pen drill
drill bit
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To start out with, I use a exacto saw and gently cut just at the base of the wings where the joint connects to the body. This leaves the majority of the wings and attachments still in one piece
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Here you see that we have removed the wings from the body. I then take my exacto knife and trim off any rough areas on Rover. This way he can be used for a good security fly around the hospital.
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Now I gently push the rod through the wing pack. The rod was what held the wing to Rover in the first place. Leave the center plastic connector on as it will be needed later for when we make our final connections to the flight pack.
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Here I'm taking the exacto knife and trimming off some of the excess plastic that was left over from when I cut off the wings. I'll be removing the plastic tab that is right in front.
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Not that I have the front trimmed down a little, I'm going to start getting ready to drill my main connector hole. I like to make a small hole first. This helps me make a guide for when I need the larger drill bit. If you don't want to make a guide hole, that is okay, but I tend to find I ruin more pieces when I don't make a guide. I use a pen drill to make the hole. A pen drill is basically a pencil sized drill that you can use for craft projects.
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Here you see the guide drilling that was just made with the pen drill.
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Now we can take our 11/64 drill bit or a .17 wire gauge sized drill bit and make a hole following our guide hole. This hole will then be used so that we can attach our 5mm plug into from our electrical connectors that we will use.
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Here you see that we drilled our hole for the plug that we will use to connect to our Micromen and Ladies or Aliens.
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Now we will use a Insulated Female Disconnects (22-18AWG .250 Tab) electrical connectors. as our 5mm plug. I have removed the metal electrical connection and we just have the plug. You can pick up these plugs anywhere electrical supplies are sold, such as hardware stores or convience stores (Wal-Mart)
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Now that the superglue has dried, you can make your figure where the flight pack to take a flight around the neighborhood and visit all the Lady Commands in the area. Rover isn't the only one that gets to have fun.